Jenny Hill


Collage | Textiles | Encaustic

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The natural surroundings of Central Otago play an integral part in inspiring Jenny’s artwork. Dramatic landscape, rich history and the versatility of the land allow Jenny to create art that is highly textural, with a strong focus on layers. Using both composition and materials to emulate her surroundings, Jenny endeavours to construct diverse and abstract artwork.

Jenny’s artwork can be described as falling into three styles; collage, textile and encaustic. For Jenny, artwork is a journey; celebrating the scope and creative opportunities that each material can bring to the piece. A vital part of her creative process includes the deconstruction of materials, and re-assembling into layers to allow the artwork to tell its own story; a new narrative. Jenny mainly works with photographs, recycled paper, acrylic paint, encaustic wax, ink and her own mark-making. Encaustic is the newest addition to Jenny’s portfolio. By incorporating her collage into wax, she finds new depths in her work to explore and experiment with.



For Jenny, creating a collage is a journey, celebrating the scope and liberty/creative opportunities that each material can bring to the piece. Combining photography, recycled books, natural papers and other visual excerpts, Jenny reconstructs individual elements into a visual narratives that are glued to canvas or paper. Each significant element tells its own part of the story; one which is told through mixed media techniques.

“Creating a collage allows me to indulge in the endless possibilities that working with paper offers; layering materials and combining techniques to tell a story with visual narratives.”

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Whilst delving into the new and exciting world of textiles, Jenny discovered free machine embroidery and her ability to draw and create with the use of stitch. Combining this with her interest in photography, she also discovered her talent for manipulating photos. Jenny has expanded this to printing digital imagery onto fabric with enable her to further enrich the textures and colours of her pieces.

“The self-made tapestry of patterns formed in nature, the visual and microscopic life, inspires me. I want to expose a different view by enhancing the details of the texture, line, pattern and colour. With these, I strive to create imagery that highlights the unnoticed form, and invites the audience to discover each element and their connections to one another”
Jenny Hill

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Jenny became interested in incorporating wax into her collage process after following a Canadian Encaustic painter, Nancy Crawford, for some years and was lucky enough to attend Crawford’s workshop in Australia in 2017. The challenge of painting with wax as it quickly changes from liquid to solid, is something that Jenny finds most enjoyable about her Encaustic work.

The word “encaustic” is from the Greek meaning “to burn in” and refers to the process of fusing the paint. It’s an ancient technique using a layering of beeswax mixed with damar resin and pigments fused together with a flame or heat source. This provides an extremely versatile medium to work with, providing a natural cross-over with Jenny’s


“Hill’s work is thoughtful and intelligent, demanding a response from the viewer and demonstrating the interest of the artist in her subject.”

/  Laura Elliot, Otago Daily Times  /