Jenny Hill


Collage and textile artist


Jenny Hill is a collage and textile artist as well as the co-owner of Locharburn Vineyard, with her husband Chris, in Central Otago, New Zealand.

A self-taught artist, Jenny’s journey with art began in 2003 when she undertook study at The Western Institute of Technology of Taranaki to explore colour theory, textile techniques, painting, drawing, design, photography and design. Here she unearthed a passion for free machine embroidery and honed her ability to draw by stitching.

In 2006, after frequent visits to the area, Jenny and Chris re-located to Central Otago to pursue their combined dream of a new lifestyle; a vineyard for Chris and an art studio for Jenny. Naturally inspired by her surroundings, Jenny takes great inspiration from the ever-changing landscape that frames the Locharburn Vineyard and Locharburn Studio, their home in the Cromwell Basin.

Jenny has exhibited work since 2006 in solo and group shows all over New Zealand. She is currently exhibiting at Hoglund Art Glass Gallery and Lazy Dog Restaurant & Vineyard, where you can also taste the wines produced from the Locharburn Vineyard.


Get to know Jenny

Why do you do what you do? What do you get from your art making?

I have a burning desire and passion to create. I am inspired by colour, texture and the ripped edge of paper. There is a wonderful journey in art; starting with a raw idea, employing the techniques I’ve learnt over time to develop the idea, finding challenges and resolving them, often to create something quite different from my starting point. Often the most enjoyable part, is losing myself in the art.

What do you want the viewer to feel or see in your work?

I would love for the viewer to find details in the layers I’ve created, perhaps even ones that I hadn’t intended. I would like to lead them to a memory, or an emotion. I hope to produce art that can encourage people to take time to pause, absorb and find something in there to connect with.

Do you use a sketchbook? If not, what preparatory work do you do?

I do use a sketchbook for ideas, for choosing colour and for jotting down notes. But as my ideas progress intuitively, the artwork can often end up nothing like the idea I started with in my sketchbook! I like to collate photos, cut outs and bits of information that I can then use a guide for future projects.


“The more you work, the more you learn, the more you imagine, the more you create; the more you know your own voice.”

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